Do you often browse the net privately on your smartphone, tablet or PC?
Then it is worth taking out suitable insurance to cover the risks associated with using the Internet. While the Internet opens up all kinds of opportunities for us, serious threats are also becoming an increasingly common feature of the online world.

Secure Cyber insurance provides comprehensive protection if, for example, you fall victim to a cyber attack, so you can browse the Internet without having to worry. The advantages include expert assistance in the event of loss of or damage to your electronic data, financial losses as a result of personal access data theft and any violations of your right to privacy on the Internet.
Area of validity
Unless otherwise specified in the special provisions
relating to the individual insurance components,
the insurance applies worldwide.
A family insurance policy can be taken out for two people
or more who live in the same household.
The insurance policy is extended automatically
unless it is terminated at least three months
prior to the expiry date.
Insurance conditions
The general terms and conditions of insurance apply.
The specifically insured risks and benefits as well as exclusions or limitations of our insurance policies are described in detail
in the General Terms and Conditions of Insurance (TC).
Only available to people who are
permanently resident in Switzerland.
No exess.
Sums insured
The sums insured apply per event.
The insurance vocer under the "Data recovery"
benefit is restricted to two insured events
per calendar year.
When we use the Internet on a daily basis we also share a lot of confidential data, running the risk that this will be stolen and misused by third parties. Consequently, for example, unfavourable photos of you could be shared on social media or posted on certain websites.
It is therefore advisable to take out suitable insurance to cover possible reputational damage. That is exactly where Secure Cyber insurance from Allianz Travel comes in, with valuable benefits that offer comprehensive cover against numerous risks associated with your Internet use.
Today, life increasingly takes place online and even the youngest of us can access the Internet incredibly easily.
Children are growing up in an increasingly digitalised world where a lot of confidential information is shared, especially via social media. Misuse of personal data such as photos, videos and voice messages can have far-reaching consequences, particularly for children and young people. It is often difficult for children to assess the risks involved in exploring the virtual world – even if they are "digital natives". That is why it is worth ensuring that your family is adequately protected against the risks of using the Internet.
Secure Cyber insurance offers you and your family valuable insurance benefits which are valid worldwide all year round. If confidential information is circulated online without your consent, you can count on legal assistance, competent and rapid technical support and even professional psychological help.
When you are browsing the net, malware can get into your PC, tablet or smartphone and corrupt data such as family photos. If this happens, you will have access to professional help to recover your data. Any consequential costs for retrieving data are also covered.
For one year, you will benefit from comprehensive insurance cover and receive expert assistance if, for example, your reputation is damaged or your right to privacy is violated online. If your electronic data – e.g. a personal photo album or confidential documents – is corrupted, the insurance covers the costs of removing the malware and retrieving and recovering your data. Any financial losses you incur as a result of misuse of your personal access data are also covered. In addition, you will benefit from comprehensive legal protection in the event of an Internet-related offence.
If the policyholder has not yet reached the age of 18, the insurance must be taken out by an adult (e.g. parent). The minor must be declared as "insured person".
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