Suisse International Healthcare Plans

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In partnership with Swiss health insurer KPT and specialists in international health insurance Allianz Care,
we offer a range of Supplemental International Healthcare plans for Switzerland.

You are offered a selection of Core Plans, covering a wide range of in-patient and day-care treatments as well as other benefits such as medical evacuation, local ambulance and nursing at home. These Core Plans can be supplemented by a choice of Out-patient, Dental and Repatriation Plans. You can also choose your preferred geographical area of cover. This gives you the flexibility to select your combination of healthcare services and geographical region, making sure you get the cover that matches your particular needs.

Download our Table of Benefits to view and compare the health benefits under each international healthcare plan.

Table of Benefits

To know more about the terms and conditions of our international healthcare plan, please download our Individual Benefit Guide.

Individual Benefit Guide

If you need to find a medical provider:

Outside Switzerland, you can access our convenient Medical Provider directory, handled by Allianz Care.

Inside Switzerland, please contact your local Swiss insurer KPT (german weblink only).

For medical emergencies, assistance or day-to-day queries, please contact us:

+353 1 630 1301
+353 1 630 1306

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