Claim notification Viseca

Please complete the relevant claim form and return it to us together with all the important documents.
Data protection
Since the protection of your personal data is important to us, particularly in connection to the preservation of your right to privacy in the processing and use of this information. You can find out more about data protection at AWP P&C S.A. (Switzerland), to which we are committed here.
Online legal protection
In order to claim the Online Legal Protection benefit, you must contact the insurer by telephone on +41 44 283 38 05.
Medical travel assistance, Vehicle Assistance, Home Assistance, 24-Hour Assistance
For benefits from Medical Travel Assistance, Home Assistance, Vehicle Assistance or 24-Hour Assistance, you must contact the insurer immediately so that we can work together to determine the next steps and provide the necessary assistance. The emergency call centre is at your disposal day and night, including on Sundays and public holidays.
+41 44 283 34 18
Concierge Service
To use the Concierge service, contact the Viseca Platinum Service Line: 

Tel. +41 800 752 846
(calls from CH)

Tel. +41 58 958 80 00
(calls from abroad)

Please send us the completed documents to the following e-mail addresses:

Is the claim related to a trip, purchase or online account protection?

Is the claim in connection with the extended warranty?

If necessary, printed documents can be sent to the following address:

AWP P&C S.A. Saint-Ouen (Paris)
Wallisellen branch (Switzerland)
Richtiplatz 1. CH-8304 Wallisellen

If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you.
Please contact our Service Centre on +41 44 283 38 05 or by e-mail to